HayeSeeMemories.com: About Me

My name is Deb. Hayes Zimmerman. I was raised by a strong, artistic mother in the vast open spaces of South Dakota, I was taught to look closely at the world around me to see all the beauty that exists there. I tend to look down to see the tiny details - and sometimes have to be reminded to look up to see the mountain vistas. Though, now living in the Black Hills, I don't need much reminding anymore. I have a background in science which helps me find many things fascinating, that others might find unattractive (for examples spiders or dung beetles). So my photos often include surprising subjects. Please keep an open mind, and hopefully my pictures will let you see them as I do. I am also lucky enough to be a mother. Being around small children helped me as an adult to be reintroduced to the wonder of our world. And lastly, I'm very fortunate to have traveled the world with my husband's job. It is such an amazing world. Hopefully my pictures reflect what I see and feel.