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Updating my website seems to be a winter project for me. Please forgive me for not staying on top of this. . I continue to try to capture the beauty, humor, and curious sites that amaze me daily. I hope that you enjoy what you see here. I've also started to create some of the strange warps of my mind. These are intended to be humorous and I hope they bring a smile to your face. For now they are mixed in with my other photos, but are always noted. Thanks again for visiting. Please take a minute and comment on the site or a single photo. I do enjoy hearing when I got it right and would like to know when I got it wrong. . Also please note, most of the photos that I sell, I sell as photo cards. You can recognize these images throughout the website by the white or black border around the image. Most of these same images can be printed in larger sizes, but they appear in this web site as they would in my cards.